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Welcome to Tattoo Nepal, where we not only celebrate the art of ink but also provide a platform for artists and studios to shine. Elevate your presence with our tailored promotion packages designed to boost your visibility and attract more clients. Explore our three dynamic packages – Basic, Standard, and Exclusive – each crafted to suit your unique needs.

Tattoo Nepal Promotion Package
Tattoo Nepal Promotion Package
  1. Basic Package (Rs 500/month):
  • Basic Profile Placement
  • Showcase your portfolio with up to 5 images
  • Contact Listing of your Studio
  1. Standard Package (Rs 1000/month):
  • Featured section for Artist/Studio Profile
  • Showcase your portfolio with up to 15 images
  • Social Media Shoutout
  • Customer Appointment Redirect*
  1. Exclusive Package (Rs 3000/month):
  • Exclusive Pinned Profile Section for Artist/Studio Profile
  • Showcase your portfolio with up to 50 images
  • Social Media Shoutout + Dedicated Blog (1)
  • Priority Customer Appointment Redirect*

Why Choose Tattoo Nepal Promotion Packages:

  • Gain visibility and stand out in our thriving community.
  • Showcase your portfolio to potential clients.
  • Direct customer appointments to your studio effortlessly.
  • Enjoy social media exposure for broader reach.
  • Exclusive features for the Exclusive package, including a dedicated blog for maximum impact.

Ready to elevate your studio’s presence? Sign up for one of our packages today and let your art speak louder than ever. Join Tattoo Nepal – where every stroke tells a story.

This promotion is valid until Nov-30, 2023 Only.

For more details, please contact us.

*Terms and conditions apply. Prices are subject to change.

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