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We all know how the outbreak of this pandemic is affecting our day-to-day life. We are forced to restrict ourselves to do what we really want to do completely. But we can still consider some very strict guidelines and give our life an artistic freedom right?

There seem to be many questions about the risk and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tattoo artists are at a medium exposure risk to get COVID-19 as they handle body fluids, blood and are near to people. There are high risks for both the clients and tattoo artists.
So, there are few notable tips that tattoo artists and clients must follow to stay safe from COVID-19 such as:

1. Strict Appointment System
Strict appointments must be followed. The clients must be asked a few questions before visiting the tattoo studio asking them about having any COVID-19 symptoms in the last few weeks and ask if they have been in any situations recently that may have raised their risk, like travelling or protesting. The appointments must be scheduled in a way that only limited people are in the studio.

2. Wear masks and gloves all the time
Wearing masks and gloves are very important as the most common ways to spread transmission is through close contact between people. The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks. You can also get infected by touching contaminated surfaces. So, it is always important to wear gloves and a mask as they add an extra layer of protection.

3. Washing and sanitizing hands regularly after touching objects and surfaces
The objects or surfaces which are likely to carry infections such as tables, doorknobs and handrails which is why washing hands regularly with soap and applying hand sanitizer thoroughly is very essential. The temperature must also be taken with the touchless thermometer before entering the studio.

4. High standard of cleanliness in workplace
Client’s safety has always been the number one priority in tattooing and body piercings. It is very important to clean the machines and workplace tools to prevent cross contamination. Tattoo studios must maintain a high standard of cleanliness by disinfecting the high traffic areas regularly. Household cleaners and bleachers are effective in sanitizing the equipment and not to forget cleaning the electronics as well. Adding wipe-able covers to cellphones tablets can be very effective.

Nepal Tattoo COVID-19 Corona

If you have to get a Tattoo during this COVID-19 pandemic, with these measures in mind We hope you get your perfect tattoo without risking yourself and others.
Thank you.

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