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These are the questions that a lot of people who want to get a tattoo to their artists. Followed by another question of “Why such high price for a small piece of Tattoo? It should be a lot cheaper”.
Here we try to give you an answer to these questions.

Note* Please note that everything we are going to write here will differ slightly from one studio to another. Rates also will be different depending on the artist and country.This is only to give you a general idea why your artist is not necessarily trying to rip you off by charging you what they charge.

How much does a Tattoo Cost?

Rates of tattoo artists
Tattoo artist charges

Some artists charge by the hour, some will charge by the piece. These days hourly charge is more popular.

Tattoo artists set their prices according to their skills, quality of work, and their experience.

This is why you should not shop around for the best price, but the best quality. It is definitely better to wait until you can afford to pay for a quality service from an experienced artist whose work you love instead of bargaining over prices.

It’s the same with plastic surgeons, the best ones charge the most because when it comes to your body and health you don’t want to go cheap, you are investing in yourself.

But please don’t assume every artist that charges a lot is good!

Tattoo Artists are professionals

Why is it so Expensive?

Usually, the deal in tattoo studios is that tattoo artists share some of what they earn with the studio to cover for the overheads – rent, cleaning, tax, bills, etc.

There is a minimum charge for any tattoo as a lot of preparation, time and equipment are required for any tattoo even if it is a small one.

  1. An artist needs to prepare the designs (even if it’s small and simple it still needs to be fixed, changed a bit, or redrawn)
  2. The design needs to printed, stencil needs to be prepared.
  3. It usually takes about 30min before artist can start tattooing
  4. A lot of products need to be prepared and purchased– ink, power supply, tattoo machines, needles, disposable tubes, cleaning products, gloves, paper towels, etc. All of these cost a lot!
  5. Then comes the huge time and effort that is put in to your tattoo by the artists. Years of experience and hours of hard work make your tattoo look good.

Tattoo artists do interfere with human bodies and their insurance is the same as the doctors insurance, that does cost quite a lot of money.

Of course, the bigger / more detailed tattoo the more preparation and tattooing time, as well as products and equipment are needed.

As you can see it is not as much as you thought that they make for the work that requires so much responsibility, experience, knowledge and precision.

So always believe in your tattoo artists and make sure you support them as well. After all, it’s better to pay a little more than being end up with some thing that you will want to get removed (which will cost you a whole lot of more money).

cheap vs expensive tattoo
You Get What You Pay (Well Most Of The Times)

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