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Do you want to know about the price of tattoo in Nepal or How much does getting a tattoo cost in Nepal?

While it is comparatively cheaper in Nepal than in other western countries, there is no fixed rate for the charges. Well, there are several factors that define the cost of tattoos in Nepal.

1. Tattoo Artist and Studio
Based on the artist’s experience and the studio branding. Newer artists generally have a lower rate for Tattoos. Some even offer tattoo service at Rs 1000 which is very cheap, however, be very careful when you get a tattoo at such a rate as “Good Tattoos Don’t Come Cheap”.

For a well experienced Tattoo artist in Nepal the rate starts from Rs 3000 per hour.

2. Based on the design
Tattoo rates are mostly charged per hour.
For a small tattoo, it can range anywhere from Rs 1500 to Rs 4000 based on the artist and studio policy.
For any tattoo design that takes a longer period of time, it is charged hourly.

Sometimes, the preferred charge for the designs is made on a flat payment basis based on the artist.

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Tattoos in Nepal generally costs an average of Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 per hour from a reputable and experienced Tattoo Artist.

If you are looking for a cheaper tattoo or looking to save your budget, it’s better not to do that. Paying an extra amount for a good tattoo is way more of value than regretting a badly done tattoo.

We recommend you always check the work of the tattoo artist first, reviews from other clients, and talk about your tattoo need with them first.

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